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"Self Reflected" is a work of art on permanent exhibition at The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.  It was created by Dr. Greg Dunn (artist and neuroscientist) and Dr. Brian Edwards (artist and applied physicist) with a grant from the National Science Foundation.
My photograph (above) of Self Reflected won the National Science Foundation's 2017 Vizzies award for Best Illustration.
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Greg and Brian spent 2 years designing, engineering, building, and installing "Self Reflected" and several more years inventing reflective microetching, a revolutionary technique which animates their artwork and brings the brain to life.  It was my distinct pleasure to document the entire process and produce a variety of videos some of which can be seen below and others which are coming soon.
Artist/Scientist Greg Dunn gives a tour of the brain
Greg looks at his completed work of art for the first time
Self Reflected - Museum Video
Illuminating The Brain Through Art and Science
Greg and Brian with "Self Reflected" at The Franklin Institute
Introducing Microetched Prints

All videos produced, shot, and edited by Will Drinker

Narration by Jackie Danziger

Earlier Etchings

Before "Self Reflected" Greg and Brian made several other microetchings.

Conscious Philadelphia
Brainbow Hippocampus
Cortical Circuitboard
"Mind Illuminated" Mütter Museum Exhibit 
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