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Penn Law School asked me to help them celebrate the 25th anniversary of their Toll Public Interest Center by making a series of videos about students, faculty, and alumni.  It was a pleasure getting to know such a wonderful group of brilliant and genuinely good people who are dedicated to public service.  I learned a lot making these videos and continue to be inspired by the work done by these righteous individuals.

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Christina Swarns on public service

"There's not that much space between myself and the people I have ultimately gone on to serve -- realizing that is an inspiring and empowering thing motivating me to continue to do this."

- Christina Swarns

Possible: Celebrating 25 Years of the
Toll Public Interest Center
Produced, Directed, Shot, and Edited
by Will Drinker
Production Assistance and additional editing by Carl Moon
Aerial footage by Ernie Lim
Music by Blair Brothers Music
Public Interest Retreat
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